Remarkable Bank is a new locum service for doctors with a difference.


We provide temporary cover when and where it’s needed most. Simply tell us when you are available and we’ll do the rest, including:

  • Booking and reviewing shifts easily from your smartphone or laptop.

  • Competitive rates of pay.

  • Money in the bank … every week.

  • A dedicated support team.

  • Mandatory and statutory training.

  • Regular work with remarkable people in an extraordinary place.

  • Flexible working with shifts to suit and patterns to please.





Am I eligible to join the bank?
Providing you are not currently employed by the HUTH Trust, or you are an existing rotational doctor, then you are eligible to join the Remarkable Bank.


How do I join the bank?
Our Employment Service Centre helpdesk will be able to email you a copy of the application form. If they do not have a copy, you can request it here.


How frequently will I get paid?
All bank shifts worked via Our Bank are paid on a weekly basis. This is provided you submit your hours and these are authorised by that week’s cut off, using our TempRE booking system.


Where can I work?
You can pick up shifts at ANY of the Trust’s major departments across both our hospitals: Castle Hill and Hull Royal Infirmary.


How do I know when my profile has been created?
You will receive an automated email with your login details from allowing you to access the system.


I can't find my log in details/I haven’t had any login details sent.
Sometimes these can end up in a spam or junk folder. If you cannot find these, you can go to to reset your password. Just click the "Forgot Password" link and enter the email address you used to sign up when prompted (this is also your username). It can also help to add to your contacts to avoid this in future.


I'm unable to see any shifts. Why is this?
Please note that the first time you log in, you may not be able to see any shifts. This is normal as you need to be invited to shifts before you are able to see them. This is done by matching your grade and speciality with those on the job.

If you have specific shifts you have worked/will be working, please see the next question.


I have worked a shift recently/have a shift coming up, can this be added to TempRE?
Yes. The shift(s) should have already have been created on the system by the department. You’ll be able to find this under the “Jobs” tab and by using the search box to find, then apply to it.


How will I know the status of shifts?
This can be done under the “Jobs” tab. Over on the left you’ll notice several shift statuses. Depending on where your shift is currently sitting within these, this will indicate where it is in the process. You will also be notified by automated email each time something happens with a shift relevant to you, eg, you are invited to work shifts, you’ve been offered a shift.


How will I know the status of my timesheet/payment?
You can check this within “Timesheets”, then the area your timesheet(s) sit within on the left tell you where in the process it is.

  1. “Open” means you need to submit your hours.

  2. “Attendance Check” or “Pending” means it is with the Trust awaiting authorisation.

  3. “Approved” means this has been signed off by the Trust and will be picked up in the next available payroll.

  4. Why can I not see any timesheets?

You will be unable to see timesheets until you have accepted any shift(s) you have been offered. Once accepted they will generate around a week before the shift is due to be worked (or immediately if it’s within a week).


How do I accept shifts I’ve been offered?
Firstly, you’ll need to electronically sign the Junior Doctor Contract. To do this, log in and go to “My Placements and Documents”, then click “Junior Doctor Contract Compliance”. Click the “+” next to the shifts, and you will be asked to “Confirm”.

Then to accept, click “Jobs” at the top of the page. Over on the left you’ll notice two little tabs, “Jobs” and “Shifts”, switching between these will alter your view. Click the little “Jobs” tab to change to the “Jobs” view. On the left you’ll see a link which says “Offered”, click here and you will be able to see your shift(s). From there it’s just a case of clicking into “View”, and pressing “Accept”.


I've recently rotated and need to update my grades/specialities, how do I do this?
If you feel extra grades and specialities require updating, please contact our helpdesk.

Please note that only grades/specialities worked whilst you’ve been employed by Our Bank will be added.


What happens when I leave?
Unfortunately, you will no longer be able to work bank shifts with us.


Who should I contact regarding specific payroll enquiries?
Please contact our HELPDESK on (01482) 468400 and they will be able to direct you to payroll.