Based in a modern purpose built Employee Service Centre at the Castle Hill Hospital, you’ll be given opportunity to support the transition and development of a modern integrated team that provides an efficient, effective and supportive service.


Human Resource and Payroll Services take care of the people who look after our people. We aim make sure nothing gets in their way - giving our multi-professionals everything they need to do something, well, remarkable. From the day you arrive you will join a great team that has made a solid commitment to your continued development.

We’ll make sure you always feel part of a flexible workforce that constantly seeks new ways of working to deliver the best care and bring the very best out of you.



We are:

A Trust that works closely with our partners and the community we proudly serve.

A Trust that’s an integral part of a vibrant city that is a great place to work, live and unwind.

A Trust that is driven by a desire to help people reach their potential.

A Trust that typifies this extraordinary place and reflects its remarkable people.


Timing is everything and you’ll be coming to a city just as it enjoys its moment in the sun as UK City of Culture.

Yorkshire’s only maritime city, this is in fact the city, the country and the coast rolled into one: a vibrant, bustling city-location that’s just a short distance from a rugged coastlines and surrounded by quaint villages, historic towns and areas of outstanding natural beauty.

Better still, you’ll be leading change as we enter a new purpose built Employee Service Centre specifically designed with the purpose of providing the perfect setting to support you and your team in transforming the way we do things.